We’ve all heard the saying before…”She’s like a sister to me,” or “He’s like a father to me.”  Insert whichever family member you’d like, you get my drift…  And I’ve used this  descriptive phrase as well.  But it wasn’t until just recently I realized this comparison is crap.  It’s a lie.  Seriously.  Think about it… do we really treat our friends like family members?  Or do we treat them better?

Why is it we are easy to accept fault and forgive indisgretions of friends, but not of family?  How many times has someone done something wrong to us and later apologized?  With a simple “I’m sorry” we will forgive a friend, but continue a grudge with family.

To be honest, I now believe that to say someone is “just like a brother,” or say someone is “like a daughter” should actually be an insult.  We should instead aspire to say we love our family as we love our friends.